The immigration process can be confusing, complicated, and even overwhelming. For a visa application to succeed, the necessary steps must be followed. First a thorough understanding of the client's history and specific goals. Next a careful analysis of the various visa options available, specific to the clients's circumstances. Finally, educate, advise and navigate each client through the process until completion. All of the above must be coordinated and planned to strictly comply with mandated procedural rules. Our firm will determine the proper visa category for you or your company, then guide you through the entire system. Our past clients are a testament to our success as we continue to provide knowledgeable immigration assistance and competent legal counsel. We offer more than two decades of experience and expertise in handling non-immigrant visas, immigrant visas, Green Cards as well as the path to becoming a U.S. citizen. The list below highlights many of our visa-related services.

Visitation Visas

  • US Tourist Visas
  • US Business Visitors (B1)
  • US Tourist Visa (B2)

Family Visas

  • US K1 Fiancé Visa
  • US K3 Spouse Visa
  • US Marriage Based Green Cards
  • Immediate Relative Green Cards

Study Visas

  • US Summer Internship/Au Pair Visas
  • US F-1 Academic Student Visa
  • US M1 Vocational Student Visa

Employment Visas

  • US H1-B Visas
  • US H2-A and H2-B Visas
  • US L1 Visa
  • US E1 Treaty Trader Visas
  • US E2 Treaty Investor Visas
  • US E3 Australian Special Occupation Visas
  • US EB2 Visas
  • US EB3 Visas
  • US EB5 Investment Green Card
  • Employment-based Green Card
  • US Intern Work and Travel Program
  • US Student Work and Travel Program

Specialized Occupations

  • Specialized US Visa Classes
  • US Medical Professionals
  • Nurses

Other Services

  • US Citizenship Process
  • Deportation Proceedings
  • TPS
  • U Visas
  • VAWA
  • Cancellation of Deportation for LPRs
  • Cancellation of Deportation for Non-immigrants
  • Political Asylum