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Got approved for H1B, very tough nowadays. Professional but caring. Very approachable and extremely kind with her manners. Excellent at transmitting peace of mind. Has every single base covered and does not give a step if the odds are not absolutely in favor. Yanly, one of the assistants, is very helpful and experienced. I'm so happy to have Ms. Vega and her team taking care of my immigration processes. Thank you!

— A.E.

The Vega Law Firm has provided me with immigration legal services for the past six years. Her services are very professional and above all very friendly. My case was something impossible for the three lawyers I consulted before arriving at Linda Vega's office. She managed to cancel a deportation order and got a residence for me. Thanks Lawyer Vega, I recommend them to any person or family looking for immigration legal services. You will not find a law firm better than her. I recommend her 100%.

— Yenny A.

Best immigration law firm ever, they pay attention to details and very professional. They solved my complicated case in a matter of weeks, I highly recommend Vega Law Firm.

— Abbey F.

Great lawyer, trustworthy, great service, one of the nicest persons I've ever met. Because of her I can pursue my studies and obtain opportunities that I would have never dreamed of if it wasn't for the opportunity she has helped me with.

— Harvie G.

I am a client who deeply thanks my dear lawyer Linda Vega. She has put great effort in solving my immigration legal status, both for me and all the members of my family. I admire her professionalism, her determination, her compassion, her humanism, and her honesty to solve and find a solution for each client desperately looking for a solution to live legally in this country so we can have the opportunity to live and achieve the American dream.

— Amada C.

If you want to feel in an environment of trust, dedication and professionalism, Linda Vega is the right lawyer. Linda and her team are very professional and at the same time very human people, always looking for ways to help you with your case. I am very happy with your 100% professional work; I definitely recommend her.

— Martin A.

Today on this day I am grateful to God first and to my lawyer Linda Vega for having done a great and magnificent job with my case. I am very grateful to her and I will be for my whole life because thanks to her great effort and work, I won my case. Today I will meet with my children and my wife in this country thanks to Vega Law Firm's great support since my case was very difficult, almost impossible. I also want to thank her office staff especially Gabriela, for all your help.

— Ray F.

Excellent lawyer! I recommend her 100%. Honest and has a very good heart. Always finds a solution to the problem. Our family has already taken 3 cases. Thanks Linda you are an angel.

— Angelica M.

She is an outstanding human being and is willing to help anyone in need.

— Carlos S.

Very great consultation about my friend's situation. Very helpful and has given us hope for the future.

— John D.

Linda Vega and her team are absolutely second to none in the Immigration field. An Immigration Attorney who conveys any concerns or questions you might have in a manner which you will be able to understand and feel comfortable with at every step of your case. Direct and upfront, will not sugar coat any portion of your case, regardless of the complexity of your case. A true professional who I highly recommend to anyone with any Immigration concerns or situations needing quick and positive resolve. Thank you Linda for your outstanding work, I will most certainly continue to utilize your services as needed!

— Satisfied Vega Law Firm Client

She is a good lawyer. I have worked with a lawyer before, and her behavior is like a professional's. I understand her time is valuable so her secretary answers questions regarding my case to the best of her ability, and when she is uncertain, she says so and asks to return my call with an answer. Ms. Vega does what she can to analyze my case and find a solution. She is a reasonable esquire. Your case is safe in her hands and she does give prompt feedback. I recommend Linda.

— Satisfied Vega Law Firm Client

Linda Vega is a great lawyer. We were referred to her by a close friend. She knows what she is doing as well as her staff. They always keep you well informed about everything that is going on with your case. If you have any questions, they are always happy to answer any doubts you may have. Linda tells you everything that needs to be done from the beginning - prices, how long it takes, and what is being done. Which I think is great so there will not be any surprises of any extra fees and you know what to expect. I will continue recommending her to everyone.

— Satisfied Vega Law Firm Client

Very helpful and has given us hope for the future.John D.
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The Vega Law Firm serves to educate, advise and diligently guide our clients, whether they are pursuing immigrant or non-immigrant visas. Additionally, our firm assists companies in gaining and maintaining their compliance with the Department of Labor Standards relative to their specific visas. As an experienced former federal investigator, Linda Vega Esq. and her staff are able to offer unique and exceptional knowledge as to the inner workings of the Department of Labor and the ever-changing legislation to acquire Business Immigration Visas.

Based in Houston, TX,
We Serve Clients Worldwide